A beautifully toned stater from the Namnetes
Los 3
CELTIC, Northwest Gaul. Namnetes. Late 2nd to mid 1st century BC. Stater (Gold, 21 mm, 6.56 g, 8 h), 'a l'hippophore - à la croix' type. Celticized head of Apollo to right, with strings of pearls coming out of his own head and cross ornament at forehead. Rev. Devolved charioteer, driving cart drawn by a centaur to right, holding reins with his right hand; below, devolved upper body of male figure to right with arms outstretched and pellet before. DT 2187. LT 6723. SLM -. Beautifully toned. Struck from somewhat worn dies, otherwise, very fine.

From the Keltika Collection, Switzerland.
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