An extremely rare follis of Baldwin I from Edessa
Los 1787
CRUSADERS. Edessa. Baldwin I (?), 1098-1100. Follis (Bronze, 25 mm, 7.17 g, 12 h). Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator, with cross nimbus and wearing tunic. Rev. B-A/Δ-N Jewelled cross on steps with wedges in angles. Malloy 1b. Metcalf, p. 33, Class 1 var. (without wedges). Porteous 1. Extremely rare. Very fine.

From a collection of Arab-Byzantine and Crusader coins, formed in the 1990s.

It is unclear whether this type was struck under Baldwin I or by his cousin Baldwin II, who became the ruler of Edessa in 1100 after Baldwin I had become the King of Jerusalem.
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