A splendid and well struck follis of Constantius I as Augustus
Los 1455
Constantius I, 305-306. Follis (Bronze, 28 mm, 10.15 g, 12 h), Aquileia, circa 305-306. IMP CONSTANTIVS P F AVG Laureate, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Constantius I to left, holding scepter over his right shoulder and round shield in his left hand. Rev. VIRTVS AV-GG ET CAESS NN / AQS Constantius I on horseback to right, holding shield in his left hand and about to spear a barbarian kneeling to right before him; below horse, shield and another barbarian, lying on the ground with his left hand raised. RIC 66a. A splendid, well struck example of this rare and interesting issue. Minor flan fault on the obverse, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.

From the Tetrarchy Collection, formed over the past twenty-five years.
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