The Persian satrap Spithridates, killed by Kleitos in the Battle of Granikos
Los 341
IONIA. Achaemenid Period. Spithridates, satrap of Lydia and Ionia, circa 334 BC. Tetrobol (Silver, 11 mm, 2.73 g, 9 h). Head of Spithridates to left, wearing Satrapal headdress. Rev. [ΣΠI-ΘPI] Forepart of pegasus to right. BMC 18. L. Mildenberg, Vestigia Leonis, p. 9, pl. III, 26. Traité II 2, pl. LXXXIX, 1-3. L. Extremely rare. A splendid example with a beautiful portrait of Spithridates. Struck on a somewhat short flan, otherwise, good very fine.

Arrian reports that Spithridates, who followed his father Rhosakes as the Persian satrap of Lydia and Ionia, died in the Battle of Granikos in 334 BC after Kleitos cut his arm off to keep him from shooting Alexander in the back with an arrow amidst the battle.
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