Unpublished and unique
Los 1661
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. temp. Mu'awiya I ibn Abi Sufyan, AH 41-60 / AD 661-680. Fals (Bronze, 22 mm, 5.30 g, 7 h), Arab-Byzantine type, Hims. Imperial bust facing, wearing diadem surmounted by cross, paludamentum and cuirass, holding globus cruciger in his right hand; around, KAΛON ('good' in Greek). Rev. Large m between E/M/H-C/I/C; above, eight-pointed star between wavy lines; in exergue 'tayyib' ('good' in Kufic). DOCAB -. Goodwin, Khalili Collection -. Goodwin&Gyselen -. SICA, I -. Unpublished and unique. Somewhat rough, otherwise, about very fine.

From a collection of Arab-Byzantine and Crusader coins, formed in the 1990s.

T. Goodwin noted, in correspondence with this cataloguer, that the bust typ with just 'KAΛON' is known to him from two obverse dies and was first published by A. Oddy in the Revue Numismatique 1987, p.194-197 and Plate XII. Our coin, however, which was struck from the same obverse die as the example published by A. Oddy, has an unknown reverse with E/M/H/C/I/C instead of the usual E/M/I/C/H/C and is as such unpublished and unique. We kindly thank T. Goodwin for his valuable contributions to the discussion of this important issue.
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