A well struck and attractive solidus of Constantius II
Los 1411
Constantius II, 337-361. Solidus (Gold, 21 mm, 4.49 g, 5 h), Antiochia, November 355-November 361. FL IVL CONSTAN-TIVS PERP AVG Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Constantius II facing, his head turned slightly to right, holding spear in his right hand and with a shield, decorated with horseman spearing fallen foe, over his left shoulder. Rev. GLORIA REI PVBLICAE / SMANΓ Roma, helmeted, seated facing on the left, and Constantinopolis, turreted, seated to left, placing her right foot on prow, holding between them a shield inscribed VOT / XXX / MVLT / XXXX. Depeyrot 10/1. RIC 165. An attractive and well struck example. Tiny mark in the right obverse field and with a minor bump on the edge, otherwise, extremely fine.

Ex Nomos 14, 17 May 2017, 438.
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