Very rare and in exceptional condition
Los 906
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. temp. Suleiman ibn 'Abd al-Malik, AH 96-99 / AD 715-717. Solidus - Dinar (Gold, 14 mm, 3.97 g), bilingual issue, mint in Spain, AH 98 = AD 716/7. FЄRITOS SOLI IN SPAN AN XC around star of eight points. Rev. 'This dinar is coined in Al-Andalus in the year eight and ninety' around the second half of the shahada ('Muhammad is the messenger of Allah'). Album 124M. Balaguer 43. Gomez, Hispano 7. Walker, Arab-Byzantine 10 var. (slightly differing obverse legend). Very rare and in exceptional condition for this very interesting issue. A sharp and clear example with a well readable obverse legend. Good extremely fine.
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