An exceptional miliaresion of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine
Los 844
Heraclius, with Heraclius Constantine, 610-641. Miliaresion (Silver, 24 mm, 4.23 g, 7 h), 'ceremonial' coinage, Constantinopolis. δδ ҺЄRACLIЧS ЄT ҺЄRA CONST PP AVI Heraclius, on the left, and Heraclius Constantine, smaller and on the right, standing facing, each wearing crown with cross; Heraclius, with short beard, wears a military dress and holds a long cross in his right and Victory, who crowns him, in his left; Heraclius Constantine wears a chlamys and holds a globus cruciger in his right hand. Rev. Cross potent on globe on three steps between two palm fronds. DOC 58. MIB 129. SB 759 var. (obverse legend). Extremely rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. A boldly struck and very impressive piece of splendid style, very probably the finest known. Extremely fine.

The exact purpose of Heraclius' 'ceremonial' coinage is unknown, but the great rarity and the bold and victorious types indicate that it was struck on a special occasion, perhaps to be handed out to important officials and generals. Our coin is an especially attractive example, sharply struck and in wonderful condition: it is very probably the finest known example.
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