A very attractive 'quinarius' of 'IMP AVRELIANVS"
Los 802
UNCERTAIN GERMANIC TRIBES, Pseudo-Imperial coinage. Late 3rd-early 4th centuries. 'Quinarius' (Gold, 17 mm, 3.87 g, 12 h), imitating Aurelian, 270-275. IMP AVRELIANVS Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Aurelian to left. Rev. AIIς IMP IX Eagle standing right with wings spread, head turned to left. A wonderful imitation of enchanting 'barbaric' style. Some scrapes and with the suspension loop broken off and a slightly wavy flan, otherwise, good extremely fine.

From the Aurum Barbarorum Collection.

This and the previous lot 801 above, which were clearly made by the same talented 'Barbarian' artist, are, in many regards, among the most exciting imitations in the Aurum Barbarorum Collection. For one thing, the present piece is the only coin in the collection without any traces of wear, which means that unlike its twin, it must have been lost shortly after its production. Moreover, the two coins are an interesting combination of unrelated types: the obverses bear somewhat stylized but very attractive portraits of Roman barracks emperors, whose names are given in slightly clumsy but very readable Latin as Gordian III (238-244) and Aurelian (270-275), respectively. The reverses, on the other hand, clearly imitate Roman Consecratio-issues such as the Divo Caro-series (Calicó 4261-4262). However, the unrelated and somewhat blundered legends and the fact that no Consecratio-issues were ever struck for either Gordian III or Aurelian prove that the artist did not at all understand the meaning of Roman deifications. To him, who lacked any deeper understanding of Roman religion, imperial self-representation and apotheoses, the eagle must have simply deemed an adequate companion of the most powerful rulers of the world.
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