An extremely rare small medallion of Gratian
Los 759
Gratian, 367-383. 'Medallion' (Bronze, 22 mm, 4.26 g, 12 h), Treveri, circa 368. D N GRATIANVS P F AVG Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Gratian to right. Rev. GLORI-A ROMA-NORVM / SMTR Campgate with no doors and two turrets; above, S. RIC 29d. Extremely rare. A sharply struck piece with a lovely patina and an exceptional reverse. Extremely fine.

It is interesting to note that these extremely rare large medallic campgates with an S above were only struck in Treveri, where Valentinian I resided at the time, and in Constantinopolis, where RIC records a unique example in the name of Valens (RIC 40, but cf. CNG 63 (2003), 1550 for another piece with a differing bust type). As the Treveran issue names all three Augusti, it is very likely that the type was first introduced in the West and subsequently copied for Valens by the mint of his own capital Constantinopolis.
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