The second known issue of the 'Lord Worod'
Los 397
HATRA. Worod, circa 138-152/176. AE (Orichalcum, 27 mm, 13.73 g, 12 h). ­Éíů­Éíć­Éíů­Éíć ('wrwd' in Aramaic) Draped bust of Worod to right, wearing elaborate erect coiffure and necklace. Rev. Large S C within wreath with eagle above. U. Hartmann and A. Luther: M├╝nzen des hatrenischen Herrn wrwd (Worod), in: Formen des Kontakts zwischen Orient und Okzident im Altertum, Stuttgart 2002, pp. 163, note 11 = Lindgren 2596 (this coin). Of the highest rarity, apparently only the second known example. A coin of great interest and historical importance. Very fine.

From a Californian collection and the collection of H. C. Lindgren.

Worod, whose name in Greek reads Orodes, appears to have a local chieftain who gained some prominence in Hatra the 2nd century AD. Udo Hartmann and Andreas Luther identify him with a 'mry wrwd' ('Lord Worod') attested in a number of inscriptions in the sanctuary of Shamash in Hatra. Worod's reign or chieftainship likely postdates 138, as the eagle above the S C occurs in the Antiochian coinage under Antoninus Pius for the first time, but it must have ended before the Hatrean Kingdom was introduced, which occured sometime between 152 and 176.
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