An unpublished stater from Salamis confirming the existence of Gorgos II
Los 372
CYPRUS. Salamis. Gorgos II, circa 450-440/30 BC. Stater (Silver, 21 mm, 11.15 g, 1 h). 𐠞𐠪𐠐𐠵-𐠩𐠎𐠧𐠍𐠚 ('pa-si-le-wo-se ku-ru-ko-ne' in Cypriot syllabic script) Ram recumbent to left. Rev. 𐠞𐠪𐠐𐠵-𐠩𐠎𐠧𐠍𐠚 ('pa-si-le-wo-se ku-ru-ko-ne' in Cypriot syllabic script) Head of a ram to left. Apparently unpublished and unique, but cf. Roma XVII (2019), 550 for a similar piece with shorter legends. A highly interesting and very important issue confirming the existence of Gorgos II. Minor test cut on the reverse, otherwise, good very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.

Due to the poor condition and shortened legends on the few surviving examples from this ruler, there has been much confusion over the reading of his name (for an elaborate discussion of the problems, see the note in Roma XVII (2019), 550). The present coin, however, confirms and expands the reading of the Roma piece to 'pa-si-le-wo-se ku-ru-ko-ne' = King Gurugone (Gorgos) and thus proves once and for all the existence of an otherwise unknown King Gorgos II, who must have ruled in Salamis for a short time somewhen around 450-440/30 BC.
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