Tigranes IV, Erato and the Mount Ararat
Los 342
KINGS OF ARMENIA. Tigranes IV (Restored) and Erato, 2 BC-AD 1. Dichalkon (Bronze, 18 mm, 5.81 g, 12 h), Artaxata. [B]ACIΛEYC M[EΓAC TIΓPANHC] Jugate busts of Tigranes IV, wearing five-pointed tiara, and Erato to right. Rev. [ΦΙΛΟΚΑΙCΑΡ] - A The twin peaks of Mount Ararat, as seen from Artaxata. Bedoukian, Coinage, 128 ('Tigranes II?'). CA 122 ('Tigranes II'). Kovacs 180. Very rare. A unusually sharp example with two exceptionally clear and attractive portraits. About very fine.

From an important collection of Armenian coins.

Tigranes IV had ruled in Armenia since 8 BC, but when he allied with the Parthians, he was driven out by a Roman army under Gaius Caesar and replaced by his brother Artavasdes III in 5 BC. Three years later, Tigranes regained control and eventually agreed to receive his crown from Augustus in an act of submission. The reverse legend of our coin refers to this event by calling the Armenian King 'friend of the Caesar'; the accompanying image shows the famous Mount Ararat as seen from Artaxata, with the Greater Ararat (5137 m) on the right, the Little Ararat (3896 m) on the left and some foothills in front. The obverse, on the other hand, shows us Tigranes IV with his half-sister and wife, the famous Queen Erato of Armenia, who would later, during her sole reign (circa 13-15 AD), become the last of the Orontid line to rule Armenia.
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