A unique tetradrachm of Antioch ad Maeandrum struck from a reworked reverse die
Los 280
CARIA. Antioch ad Maeandrum. Circa 85-80 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 16.29 g, 12 h), Eunikos, magistrate. Laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. ANTIOXEΩN / ΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΤΩ // MAIANΔΡΩ / EYNIKOΣ Zebu bull standing left; to left, small winged Nemesis standing right, drawing fold of drapery with her right hand; all within laurel wreath. BMC -. Leschhorn, Lexicon of Greek Coin Inscriptions -. Leu 3 (2018), 99 var. (same dies, but reverse die not recut). McClean -. SNG Copenhagen -. SNG Lockett -. SNG von Aulock -. Thonemann (forthcoming) prov. Group A, 1.c (O1/R1 (recut), this coin). Weber -. A unique variety of an extremely rare type. An excellent example, struck from the finest and probably earliest die pair in the series. The reverse struck from a somewhat worn die, otherwise, about extremely fine.

What makes this coin especially interesting is the fact that it was struck from a recut reverse die, with the original EYNIKOΣ behind the back of the bull being erased and moved to the exergue!
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