An extremely rare quarter stater from the Baiocassi
Los 15
CELTIC, Northwest Gaul. Baiocassi. Late 2nd to mid 1st century BC. Quarter Stater (Electrum, 13 mm, 1.84 g, 12 h), 'au lyre' type. Celticized male head to right, with strings of pearls coming out of the hair. Rev. Charioteer, driving a cart drawn by a centaur to right, holding reins with his left hand and long branch ending in a vexillum-like banner in his right; below, lyre. DT 2252A var. (with additional lyre on the head on the obverse). LT -, cf. 6983-6984 (staters and with additional lyre on the head on the obverse). SLM -. An extremely rare variety, perhaps unpublished. A lovely piece of flamboyant Celtic style. With an edge split and a few minor marks, otherwise, good very fine.

From the Keltika Collection, Switzerland.
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