Los 3128
Anonymous, circa 10th century. Medallion (Lead, 57 mm, 33.00 g), "Eulogia" of St. Symeon Stylites the Younger. +EVΛOΓIA TOV AΓIOV CEIMONOC [TOV ΘAV]MATOVPΓOV ... ('Blessing of Saint Symeon the Miracle Worker') Nimbate half-length bust of St. Symeon the Younger, wearing monastic hood and holding book of Gospels, seated on column, flanked by two flying angels; below, on the left side of the column, Symeon’s mother St. Martha nimbate, standing right; on the right side of the column, Symeon’s disciple Konon nimbate, standing left, both with their hands raised in gesture of supplication; to left and right of Martha, Θ / M/A/[PΘ]A ('Saint Martha'). Rev. Large, elaborately decorated cross. Cf. Gary Vikan: Art, Medicine, and Magic in Early Byzantium, in: DO Papers 38 (1984), p. 65-86, fig. 7. A highly interesting and exceptionally large token of blessing associated with Byzantine pilgrimage. Some surface cracks and roughness, otherwise, very fine.

As their name suggests, "eulogia" tokens were material blessings that pilgrims could take home with them after they visited a holy site or a stylite saint, such as Saint Symeon the Younger, who reportedly lived on top of a pillar for 68 years. Originally made out of terracotta, later eulogia tokens such as ours were often produced in lead.
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