Nicely toned and impressive
Los 47
SICILY. Entella (?). Punic issues, circa 320/15-300 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 16.71 g, 5 h). Head of Tanit-Persephone to left, wearing wreath of grain leaves, triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace; around, four dolphins. Rev. đ€đ€Œđ€Œđ€‡đ€đ€• ('mmhnt = 'People of the Camp' in Punic) Head of a horse to left; behind, palm tree with two date clusters. Jenkins, Punic, 143 (O46/R129). A nicely toned and impressive example. Some delamination on the reverse, otherwise, good very fine.

From an old Swiss collection, formed in the 1970s.
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